Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wiz Beat Magazine Fashion Show

Wiz Beat Magazine FashioShow

Hosted by: Roslyn DreamFlame, Darby IceGem, Sophia SpiritHunter, and Megan PixieSinger
To attend, go to Storm Tower in Wu realm (Area 1)
Where you will need to find one of the following wizards and add them to your friend list:
Sydney Rose - Ice (Level:1)
Who can take you to the party location at the following house(s):
Myth House

Actual Date: July 20, 2013 
Time: 4:30 EST

^^^^ The Pickup ^^^^

Hey! Want a further and more entertaining look of Wizard101? Well this magazine is PERFECT for you! Not only we keep you updated on the latest PvP, Worlds, and Gear.
But also a Wizard101 FASHION SHOW  that's right guys all you have to do is tell  me your Wizard101 name, level, and school. 
THEME-  ANY WORLD you have to PM me which world you will like to make a outfit from! The winner of each world will get a prize
In the final show between the winners of each world you have to have at least 2 outfits of your best choice to go down the blue carpet and show off. We will be judging be the way you represent yourself to us. We will also be judging the outfit by looking at the gear, wand, pet, and even mount! 
First Show PRIZES
1st place- 2 hoard packs of your choice!
2nd place- 1 hoard pack of your choice!
3rd place- 1 hoard pack of your choice!
Final Show PRIZES

1st place- Any Mount of your choice and gets to be on the cover of Wiz Beat Magazine!

2nd place- 3 hoard packs of your choice and gets to be in Wiz Beat Magazine 1st page!

3rd place-2 hoard packs of your choice and gets to be in Wiz Beat Magazine 2nd page! 

We might just give the other finalists a hoard pack of OUR choice and also will be in Wiz Beat Magazine in the list of people who competed! 


Hope you guys can come! 

Love- Roslyn, Darby, Megan, and Sophia!